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Cardboard sailing ships (+WIP)

Two medieval ship models: Merchant ship and a warship
These two cardboard ships, a warship and a merchant ship, have seen frequent use in D&D games, as well as in an earlier Iron Heroes game. While IH was a different and refreshing variation from D&D, I find it currently too cumbersome ruleswise. 

Modular components of the ship models
Some of the ship structures are modular - compare this photo to the one above to see this.

Griffons attack! A battle at sea going on.
Griffons attack! A battle at sea going on.

Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?
Pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?

Sea battle

Cardboard ship model construction ships
WIP photo of the models. I exposed the side cardboards to moisture and used a bottle to force them to right shapes. Plank lines are drawn with a ball-point pen by pushing hard. Cocktail sticks, balsa wood and larger stone poles were used too.


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