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Fantasy cityscape with port

This is a collection of my fantasy city terrains put together, to form a full diorama of a city port area. 


DSC03121.JPG - A view over the river towards temple square


DSC03122.JPG - Overview of the temple square; Town hall is located opposite the temple.

DSC03123.JPG - Temple & Marketplace.


DSC03124.JPG - Marketplace from above


DSC03125.JPG - Port


DSC03126.JPG - Ship and a large boat


DSC03127.JPG - Behind the temple


DSC03128.JPG - Town hall


DSC03129.JPG - Port area


DSC03130.JPG - View from behind the crypts...


DSC03131.JPG - Next to the waterfall


DSC03132.JPG - Town hall again


DSC03133.JPG - Larger view to the area


DSC03134.JPG - Another view from top


DSC03135.JPG - Closeup of the market place and the fountain; Farmers and other townfolk.

  DSC03137.JPG - Fountain and the marketplace from behind the temple


DSC03138.JPG - City hall


DSC03139.JPG - City hall again

DSC03140.JPG - Whole area

DSC03141.JPG - Whole area again



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